Ghosts and Grimoires

October 27, 2010 by: Dim

Hello everyone!

Yes….we’ve been gone for a while…but we’ve just released a brand new game “Haunt the House”. Its actually really fun so go check it out!!

Play on Armor Games

Play on Newgrounds

Play here on

You play as a poltergeist and the aim of the game is to scare all the guests away from your mansion. Its a real collaboration between myself and Tom since it has awesome complicated AI and lots of hand drawn animation. Let us know what you think! Here are some screens to give you an idea :)

In other, just-as-exciting news, we’re going to officially announce the development of a new Detective Grimoire project!

I’m aware we’ve attemped to make this happen in the past, but I can assure you everything is lined up for us this time. Its going to be very special – and I’ve set up a simple development blog where you can see frequents updates of art, concepts, and anything we’re working on, so go check that out:

keep your eyes on that site (and this one) for more information soon :)


-Dim & Tom

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12 Responses to “Ghosts and Grimoires”
  1. Dim says:

    Just to clarify, its possible to post on our site again now! It decided to have a strange hiccup at a really bad time when we actually have been having traffic….


  2. William says:

    This game is super! You definitely have to make a sequel. A great, spooky atmosphere and a very original concept. Keep it up. Nice graphs, too. 10/10.

  3. 7 who ate 9 says:


    You’re… you’re back….

  4. Kiky says:

    Wow, this game is so cool o_o
    Its original, cute and scarry, realy nice ^^~ I see on another website then come search for your guys website.
    Realy, loved that, makes me want try do a flash game xD

  5. Masked Chicken says:

    Well…He he…This can be embarrassing to say but errrm… You do know that your copyrights are for 2009…right? You might want to change that as soon as possible or people can copy your website. It’s best to change your copyrights on the first day of every year. And also, put the first year you made the website to the current year. Example: 2007 – 2010. Just for the heads up, you know?

  6. Reid says:

    I really like the game but it gets old fast. I think you guys should make a second game sililar to this one but perhaps with multiple levels and different houses or rooms that have to be unlocked. Some personalization features such as scaring teletubies or animals, something like that. it really is a great game though, but i would love to see a second if not more made with a similar concept.

  7. Cricket says:

    Love the game. Very original. =D If you do decide to make a sequel, maybe try a different location? Like Haunt the Workplace or Haunt the Teatre or Haunt the Amusement Park . I’d love to possess a carousel. xD I’d also like to see the little ghostie have a different color collar.. just because. :)

  8. The AWWSUM 1 says:

    i agree with cricket :)

  9. gigantes says:

    Reid says:
    > I really like the game but it gets old fast

    i agree and i disagree. I AGREE, because today’s flash game audiences probably expect the usual stuff, such as little achievement badges, sabr-metric level stats, customizable avatars and the usual bag of disguised hand-holding. I DISAGREE, because i absolutely adore the offbeat nature of this work, as well as its originality, detail, and the pushing of mister envelope.

    not to mention, reid- ALL flash games get old fast, IMO. (and if they don’t, i have to wonder at the mental health of the player in question)

  10. Dim says:

    we are making a sequal

  11. Dim says:

    it is a christmas one

  12. Dim says:

    im not telling the rest

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