The Arrow Of Time

May 13, 2009 by: Tom

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After centuries of peace and isolation, the Sky Fortress of the Whistle Knights has been found! It’s up to you to defend against the invading forces of mankind, with only your bow to help…

Buy and level up unique and devestating weapons, combine them in any way you like to create your own custom powers, deploy cunning defensive upgrades – the tactical possibilities are endless!

On and off, we spent over half a year on this beast of a game! A huge amount of programming and art has gone into the production, not to mention the amazing original score by Evan Merz of, which we hope to upload in full quality to our site for anyone who wants it.

We also added Newgrounds medal support! So if you have a NG account, head over there and try out the challenges.

Finally, if you REALLY love the game, why not show your support by heading over to the Arrow Of Time Store and picking up an item or two!

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Play this game on

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53 Responses to “The Arrow Of Time”
  1. Mike says:

    Peep is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  2. BR says:

    This is by far (to me) your best game EVER!!!!!

    pst….best arrow combos are as follows:


  3. BR says:

    please note:

    do not combine bomb with pierce, becuase since it explodes, thats the end of that arrow