Blue Rabbit’s Freefall

February 22, 2009 by: Tom

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Another great psuedo-3D game set in the Another Day universe. This time Blue Rabbit and friends are trying their hands at skydiving! With 5 weather-themed jump sites, 4 characters, customisable options and a landing mini-game, there’s lots to play! Check out the cloud layer effect, achieved with perlin noise and some smart Bitmap manipulation.

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19 Responses to “Blue Rabbit’s Freefall”
  1. chris brown says:

    this game kicks ass.

  2. dragon says:

    HA! I love how James the Zebra is flying the plane!

  3. bob says:

    sucks worse than anything i have ever played

  4. Nonyo Beeswax says:

    Reindeer is hilarious in this game.

  5. hater says:

    the thunderstorm lvl is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. pooga says:

    lol its v hard i cant even get past the first level haha :L !

  7. acissejcousi says:

    actually, dazzling dive is not the hardest level once you figured it out.

  8. Arriator says:

    I really love this game. Even though Dazzling Dive is so damn hard… Aw… first I thought I get “frozen” at several time points, but then I figured out that I have to keep moving to not get dazzled!

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  10. Gankachi says:

    hum… the thunder level is pissing me off ! Even if I don’t touch the clouds, the thunderbolts are burning me !!! But, in fact, this game is addictive ^^

  11. sonie says:

    hi cute blue rabbit and red rabbit

  12. One Little M says:

    I love Blue Rabbit’s. I like this game, but I can’t dive in the dropzone! How do I have to do it? And how can I collect all carrots?

    I’d love to play well the game

  13. justin bieber says:

    I not love you.

  14. acissejcousi says:

    you dont have to collect all the carrots, jus collect the needed amount. hitting ducks take away some carrtots so try to avoid them. i dont this e dazzling sunlight level was the hardest though. i did it in two tries!! much less than all the tries i did in the first level with the blue rabbit.

  15. iron bleck(brazil says:

    e bom mais prefiro o outro a mais legal

  16. iron bleck(brazil says:

    quem ja vio o site maid marian

  17. iron bleck(brazil says:

    glera quem ja vio o site maid marian e muito bom

  18. iron bleck(brazil says:

    xau vo ir pra outro site

  19. bob says:

    i cant get past level 2 the sceen turns blue and nothing happens