My Alchemy Presentation

June 12, 2009 by: Tom

Here in London, Tink hosts a monthly meeting of Flash developers and artists called the London Flash Platform User Group. Every last Thursday of the month, we have two talks on Flash related topics, and then a little bit of drinking and networking and such (well, if you’re going to hold it in a bar…)

This month just gone, I gave the first of the two presentations. I chose the topic of Adobe’s Alchemy project, since it’s pretty exciting stuff, and no-one had done a talk on it yet. The video (recorded on Tink’s webcam) is below. I haven’t spoken in public for some time, but I don’t think it went too badly considering. I’ve also put up the slides in SWF form, and the source from my examples.

Mike very kindly agreed to let me link to the Doom source code talked about in the presentation too.

My source and slides

Mikes Doom source

This movie requires Flash Player 9

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5 Responses to “My Alchemy Presentation”
  1. sucho says:

    pfft. and in america we network in starbucks. for shame……

  2. Ross says:

    Tom, you’re such a fancy lad.

    That was fairly interesting.

  3. Connor says:

    Well done Tom.
    Also thanks for all the inspiration in your world of Flash. It is helpful.
    I’m sending in some fan art soon. =D


  4. Connor says:

    Sorry for this double post. I mean thanks FLASH Bros for inspiration.


  5. hydrafin says:

    is that guy whos speking on the stage thingy the voice of “guy from crowd”?