The Arrow Of Time Soundtrack!

May 18, 2009 by: Tom

Hey guys,

By popular demand, we’re releasing the original soundtrack to The Arrow Of Time! Evan Merz did a fantastic job writing these tracks, and they really bring the whole game together.

Click here to download the tracks in Evan’s original high-quality .ogg format

Click here if you need the .mp3 versions


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29 Responses to “The Arrow Of Time Soundtrack!”
  1. DJEvil says:

    I Hop It Has Good Rockin Songs!

  2. EarthboundNerd says:

    Man, one of the 3 great parts of the game, the other 2 being the art and gameplay! Having the music just might keep me coming back for more! Thanks a bunch, and I really like how the music’s really a remix of the theme styled to the time period. Very cool!

  3. VGC says:

    I agree. The music’s awesome and I just love jammin’ to the tunes. Thanks for releasing these!

  4. Skipper says:

    Loved the Whistleknight theme!
    The World at War version was, in my opinion, the best song.
    Thanks for the score!

  5. Maciek says:

    A true masterpiece!

    Especially the “Victorian Dreams” theme…

    Keep up the excellent work!

  6. oh the music for the game was so epic. It was by far some of the best gaming music ever produced!

    due let all of NewGrounds know when you have another epic game and music

  7. ArtFreak17 says:

    Another really happy gamer and audiophile here!

    Thanks for having these released!

  8. W4vezf9a/Defcon6 says:

    Love them all:) ESPECIALLY the today’s world!

  9. W4vezf9a/Defcon6 says:

    Modern Times* in this Album.

  10. theyo72 says:

    This is so awesome.

  11. Mkjns says:

    I want to learn the guitar tab to the soundtrack these songs are amazing

  12. cyril says:

    Really thanks !!!!!!! I wanted it !

  13. Compa says:

    Wow!! thanx :D thisis one of my favourite games at NewGrouds and the music is awesome too. you really did a great job there.
    Thanx for the game and the music :) keeps me entertained at work n_n

  14. LittleMinx says:

    Just wanted to say brilliant game, very addictive. Music is great. Brilliant job well done. :)

  15. Rhys says:

    Very nice, the music was stuck in my head for a long while after playing this game :P Very nice work

  16. nate says:

    The music for this game is absolutely beautiful. The original theme is, in my opinion, the best.

  17. absolute zero says:

    the music is awsome i used to listen to it while i played other games but it got to laggy because my pc cant run two games at once no i have this thanx for the music it rocks also my fav is the last boss battle

  18. darklink says:

    i loved the last boss song and the first level song also

  19. Hoopplah says:

    omg, I remember humming these songs after I played the game lol XD they were always stuck in my head. I love these songs :D

  20. komo4 says:

    the game was freakin awsome and the music the songs were stuck in my head for weeks…….you should huc up with nintendo and get this game on DS

  21. Duby Brecht says:

    Thanks so much!!!
    this is the best soundtrack i ever see
    so nice piece of music.

    saying thanks is small compared wht you have done, sharing this music.

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  23. nooooo nothing is compadble with vista :((((((( going to try the mp3 version

  24. alansonic731 says:

    only 4 words:

  25. cool says:

    y’know, the whisleknight theme is harp music

  26. Mifonerru says:

    Anywhere I could get sheet music for this?

  27. Ninjat_126 says:

    Brilliant. Truly brilliant. Here is your internet.