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February 22, 2009 by: Tom

Alias: Tom
Name: Thomas Vian
Age: 24
Role: Programmer

Skills: ActionScript 3.0, sound editing, general Flash

Popular Creations: Arrow of Time, BR’s Climate Chaos, James the Zebra

Flash preferences: Addictive games, quirky stuff, unique styles

Movie preferences: Off-beat comedies, creepy psychological horror

Music preferences: Anything good, seriously. Very eclectic tastes

Hey guys, I’m the programmer in The Super Flash Bros. I started experimenting with Flash a little before Dim, but I’ve been programming since I was 11 – I stated out in QBASIC! My early attempts at web design in Flash were a little… shaky… but I soon got the hang of it. Our first cartoon – Metal Gear Mayhem – was actually animated by me. I’d just learned how to use tweens and perhaps got a little over-excited with some of them. The result wasn’t great, and perhaps thats why I’ve never done any major animation since.

I’m currently taking a break from contract work to make games with Dim full-time. My last gig was with the BBC, which was amazing! Before that, I worked for a gaming company here in the UK, making gambling games in flash, my first job after finishing my physics degree at Imperial College, London.

My days are filled with programming and video gaming – I can technically claim its research for work. My DS is definately my favourite console right now, especially since I’m getting a load of GBA classics for it. I think the GBA/DS is the closest you can get to Flash in terms of gaming, so I’m always being inspired by what I play. My best game, ‘Arrow of Time’ would certainly push a GBA to its limits!

If you want to get hold of me, my main address is email hidden; JavaScript is required .

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3 Responses to “Profile: Tom”
  1. sucho says:

    the new design is truly impressive, i hope that a forum does go underway sometime, but i’m sure people will give these comment boxes a run for their money :p

  2. james says:

    hey tom your the man, and the way you always get set on fire, makes my day- just thought i’d post that(im shure others have) bye

  3. Greg says:

    Darn I Was Kinda Hoping You’d Mention The OHMYGODIMONFIRE But That Only Appears In Decline. It Sucks I Want More Flaming Tom