FAQs from 2007

February 22, 2009 by: Tom

Are you really brothers?

Yup. I am the younger, born in 1988, and Tom is the older, born in 1985.

Do you have any other siblings?

Yeah, we have a sister – Maddy.

Is Dim your real name? Short for Dimitri maybe?

No, my real name is Adam Vian. I got my nickname Dim around 1999. It just a deviation on Adam: Adim. dim. Dim!

Who does what in the Flash Bros?

I do art, animation and writing. Tom does ActionScript, Game design, additional writing and is the Webmaster.

Are you really English?

Yeah, we all live in Kent, which is in the South East.

How long have you been using Flash?

I got into Flash in the summer of 2002. Tom had been using it for a few months before

What was your first cartoon?

“Metal Gear Mayhem”

Did you make any cartoons before that?

No. Tom made some website designs in Flash, and I used to make fancy gif emoticons.

How did you get the name “Super Flash Bros”?

We both really love Super Smash Bros (melee) and we are brothers that do Flash…..

Where do you post your movies?

Newgrounds and Flashplayer. Sometimes our movies appear on other websites because people have put them there. As long as they are properly credited we have no objection.

Can you make a *insert game parody*

I like making game parodies, but for the moment, Decline is the only output for them. The games we feature in Decline are there because WE really like them, and we have funny material for them. We’ll only put a game in if it works with the script.

So do you guys hate games or what? You’re so mean to them!

We love video games. The ones that feature in Decline, we love even more. We make fun of them because we know enough about them to parody them.

What games consoles do you guys have?

I have a Gamecube, a PS2 and a GameBoy Color. Tom has his own PS2 (one of those new thin ones), an N64, a GameBoy Advance SP (the NES classic one!) and a normal GameBoy Advance. We also have a Mega Drive II and a ZX Spectrum. Obviously Tom and I share consoles. JT has a Gamecube, a PS2 and a GBA. Dan has a PS2, an Xbox and a GameBoy Advance SP (the golden Zelda one!)

Why are there no/few Xbox jokes in Decline?

There are few Xbox jokes….but this isn’t for any reason. Tom and I don’t own an Xbox, so we see less of the games – only Dan has one. If it’s Halo you want, then look for There’s Something About Halo 1 and 2. We like all 3 consoles, but PS2 and Gamecube games just seem easier to make fun of. Sorry!

Who does your voices?

Obviously we play ourselves in Decline. We have Egoraptor to do a lot of other voices. He does all 3 evil developers, as well as loads more. Tom’s friend James Dawson Murray helps out too. Plus Joanime, LegendaryFrog, and loads of other people!

Do you do voices in other flash movies?

Sometimes. I’m in Alex Labbe’s movies sometimes!

Who is Double Helix?

Double Helix is the writing team that consists of Dan and JT, 2 of my school friends. They help write and voice the Decline series. The reason Decline 1 appears to be made by Double Helix was because when we started it, I was in Double Helix too. Decline was never meant to be anything special, but when we realised how good it was, I put the Super Flash Bros name on it as well.

Why is Dan so sensible?

We like to have different characters for the 3 main guys in Decline. Dan is a pretty mature, down to earth guy, so we make him “the sensible one”

And JT?

JT is the over-reacting, crazy, angry, excited one. Hes a bit like that in real life, but not to the same extent. He is very good with a lightgun though.

What is JT’s real name?

Jonathan, we normally call him Jonny.

Do you really have an Ngage?

Nope. The only time I ever played an Ngage, I played a SNES emulator on it! Bwhahahaha!

Why is Tom always on fire?

Because of that scene in Decline 2 when Square Enix uses flare. It was so popular; the burning became a running joke. Tom’s line “ohmygodimonfire” was made up by him on the spot, when recording.

What is Video Game Directors Cut?

VGDC is a website owned by Randy Solem. I wear a VGDC t-shirt because we are buddies!

How do you make flash movies?

With Adobe Flash. Get a demo here.

Do you use frame by frame, or tweening?

I always thought this was obvious. The Another Day series is all frame by frame. Decline is nearly all tweened. I get the best of both worlds!

How do you draw your Flash movies?

For Another Day, I use a WACOM graphics tablet. Find them at www.wacom.com For Decline, I mainly construct the models and the backgrounds with my mouse. I have a Paper Mario mouse mat!

How much does the Wacom pad cost?

I have no idea. I think mine was around £70 (note, English pounds -£). You’ll want to get a quality one, because I’ve heard nasty things about the cheap ones.

How long does it take to make Flash movies?

That depends on loads of things. The scale of the movie, your free time, your work speed…..

Can you teach me to use Flash? Or perhaps just give me some hints?

Not one to one, but look at the tutorial section for lots of help!

Can I post your movies on my site?

I don’t mind. Just credit it properly, and get the .swf yourself. Email me with a link when you’ve posted the movie up on the site so I can check it out.

Can I have one of your FLAs?

No, because they are my babies.

Can you make me a movie? I have a script.

I read all the scripts sent to me, and sometimes they are pretty good. But we try to avoid getting outside help in that area.

Me and my friends are making a Flash movie, can you be in it?

Um, not unless you draw us by yourselves. We’re happy to do cameo voices ONLY after I’ve looked over the quality of the Flash and approved it.

Can I join your team?

No, you can’t. Sorry!

Can I be in *insert cartoon*?

No, sorry.

Are you making a Decline 4?

That depends. We have no plans for it at the moment. We only made a Decline 2 because of your reaction to the first one. Making a fourth is a big deal – I don’t think we can make it because we will have run out of ideas by then. Plus I’d like to try something a littler newer. We’ll see!

Will you email me when your next movie comes out?

No. Keep an eye on our website and on Newgrounds for info about new releases. Everything goes to NG before it goes anywhere else. We love NG.

What is the song you use in *insert cartoon*, and where can I download it?

I put all the music credits into the cartoons. I know sometimes the credits move fast, but right click and pause the movie to read closer. Decline Christmas has a special music credits page at the end! For the Another Day cartoons, read the Authors Comments on NG for information about the music. I don’t really know anything about downloading music. Most of the music I use is from CDs or from friends.

Where can I find *insert cartoon*

All of our finished cartoons are on www.newgrounds.com. Use the drop down list on the bottom left of any movie page, or go through our profile to see all of our cartoons and games. To find the Another Day series page, go here.

Why does the music in Another Day sometimes not fit with the cartoon?

I think it fits. Sometimes I choose music to contrast with the images. There’s a fancy term for that, but it happens for a reason.

How many Another Days are you gonna make?

I’d like to go up to 10, and then stop. But you never know what will happen.

I don’t understand the Another Day series at all. Help?

To see some sort of explanation of the Another Day series, look at some responses to reviews. Otherwise, try to remember its all about your own interpretations.

I could beat you at Super Smash Bros any day! I’m the best!

That’s not a question. Nor is it true.

Can I add you/you add me on MSN? I’d love to talk to you!

email hidden; JavaScript is required or email hidden; JavaScript is required – If we’re not around, it’s because we’re making Flash movies for you to watch!

I’d like my fanart to appear on the site! Where do I send it?

Send all fanart to Tom at email hidden; JavaScript is required . We’d love to see some fan movies too!

I emailed you and you didn’t respond! Are you reading my emails?

We read all the emails we get. Personally I’m afraid I don’t always have time to reply to them all. If you want to increase the chances of a reply, word your emails carefully and try and make them as focused at possible. That way it’s easier for me to read and reply to them!

How can I support the site?

1) Keep visiting us regularly
2) Buy a t-shirt! We’ve got lots of cool stuff in our shops.

FAQ written by Dim.
Thanks to LegendaryFrog – I borrowed a lot of the questions found on his FAQ, at www.legendaryfrog.net
And thanks to the fans – for their never ending curiosity!

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