Detective Grimoire

February 22, 2009 by: Tom

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The result of over 5 months of hard work, we put a lot of love into this game and couldn’t be happier with how it’s turned out. Dim’s backgrounds are entirely created in flash, using the filters new to Flash 8 onwards to full effect. Over 500 lines of character dialogue written and directed by Dim give life to Detective Grimoire and the host of suspects in a fiendish murder case set in a run-down fairground. We were heavily influenced by both classic point-and-clicks such as Fate of Atlantis, and modern favourites like Phoenix Wright.

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65 Responses to “Detective Grimoire”
  1. aaa says:

    hey can you make a 2? please?

  2. Nohat says:

    Seriously this was the best game I’ve played for free in a while. I can’t wait for the sequel

  3. kristian says:

    The music in the game, was it made specifically for the game or was it taken from elsewhere? Because it’s awesome, best I’ve ever heard in an internet game.

  4. Isaiah says:

    … this is now one of my favorite games!!!! Keep Making please!

  5. rebeca says:

    AHH WOW !


    good job really this was an awesome game!!

  6. teds says:

    please keep the case cracking sequence in the 2nd one please

  7. amber says:

    this is so cool! the music is perfect so is the art and at the end when they are all dancing!

  8. amber says:

    this is the best how do you think up mysteries like that?

  9. starfoth says:

    hey, meet me on newgrounds, send a message to me on NG.

  10. starfoth says:

    hey, send me a message on NG.

  11. Luc says:

    Loved the game, just finished playing it again. Quick note though, the “Making of Feature” link is broken and doesn’t link to the feature, probably due to the website overhaul

  12. Lucide says:

    Wow, i loved it.
    My only concern was its maybe a bit short for my liking.

    Reminded me very much of Phoenix Write: Ace Attorney (since when do lawyers do the evidence gathering?) .

    I await the squeal…

  13. harry685 says:

    Love it at the end w/ the little chibis 🙂

  14. oskarofephesos says:

    i really liked the game, but it was a little bit short and there were so few suspects and clues
    stil a great game
    i await the sequel

  15. Alyssa:) says:

    I really enjoyed this game.. I dont play many flash games.. cause alot are just pretty pointless
    but this one was great.

    I looked up even more games.. hoping to find somthing similar
    and nothing was even half as good.

    Im very excited to play the second when it comes out.

    I just wonder.. will it be harder?

    the game was fun and exciting.. though very easy.. Maybe making it slightly harder would work out?
    im not sure.. its up to you.. but I wonder.

    Ill play it regardless:)

  16. maelyne says:

    this game was really good

    I guess who the right murderer was from the beginning but some of the clues put me off a bit which made it made it a bit more challenging

    But if you make a sequel don’t put in the profile if they are innocent as i would like to look at the evidence my self and decide if they are innocent or not.

    But it was a fun game and nice ending lol

  17. Corby says:

    Please make a sequel for this game i’ve beaten it so many times this is one of the few good detective games.If you’re not making a sequel can you at least tell me what the name of the song is when you’re trying to figure out who did it and how and why and such?

  18. Palazzo says:

    Awesome game. But, just so you know, the “Making of feature” doesnt seem to work anymore.

  19. james says:

    i play this game every day when does the second one come out this is the first detective game i ever beat but i thought the murderer should of been jerry

  20. Leona says:

    I love this game. But where’s the “Making of” feature? 🙁

  21. Abbey says:

    This game is the best. when is the sequal comming out?

  22. MaddieG says:

    I love this game! I squealed when i saw the DG 2 banner! Keep them coming! Oh, and say hi to your sister for me!

    I’ve read the ‘Making Of’ feature before, but I can’t get it now. Can you put the art notes in your art folders on here? That would be awesome! Or you could post them on DA or something…

  23. james says:

    i think dim should make 100 detective grimorie games

  24. madison says:

    i LOVED, LOVED the game. i’ve been looking 4 cool mystery games lately, and this is the best 1 yet! when will the sequel come out?!

  25. Simone says:

    Hi tom & dim, when’s detective grimoire 2 coming up….? Wow it must be a lot of hard work making these type of games….ooh can’t wait till it gets here! Have a nice day!

  26. Simone says:

    Please reply me back! Bye!

  27. Simone says:

    This game was awesome and it was kinda easy………..but the ‘Making of Feature’ link is broken there were no results and it says that the page is not found…..I tried playing DG with the making of feature on ArmorGames just a few months ago and when I clicked on the making of feature, it worked…..! Anyway, can’t wait for DG 2!

  28. Prisil says:

    Woow, I really love this games….

    Please makes the sequel and really hope a bit harder than the first one.. lol…
    Anyway, I look up on these and I gotta say its almost like the real one… Can you make the similar games like these? I love this amazing games….

    Ooh, forgot to say, Hiii from Indonesia…. A BIG TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOUR HARD WORK!! GREAT JOOOB!!!

  29. sunny says:

    I’m interested in learning how to make Flash games, so I’d like to know what kind of tools you used in the development of Detective Grimoire. Did you draw with a tablet or with some other method? And what programs besides Flash did you need?

  30. James says:

    Great work on this. One of the best flash games out there. Takes the medium to another level.

  31. noura says:

    please help me guys i got in all f the locations but i only got 2 innocent people

  32. tanni says:

    hi just wanna say this was an awesome game!! I really enjoyed this can’t wait for the sequel!! XD

  33. KristenKaye says:

    OMG hurry up and make teh 2nd i told my fellow kongregaters that it wuz coming soom plz b faster

  34. KristenKaye says:

    srry if i sond impatint

  35. Isaiah says:

    lol at the end ricky is the best plush looking dude

  36. Rachx says:

    when’s DG2 out? Please answer!

  37. frany says:

    when is the sec one coming out

  38. Sabs says:

    I am excited for the next one, because this is one of the better flash games I have played in who knows how long.

    Thanks for time not wasted on a flash game. ^ -^

  39. Hayley says:

    This is an awesome game. Please tell us when the sequel is coming out, and hopefully it will be longer, even more entertaining, and more of a challenge, not to say that the first game wasn’t hard; and fun; and sort of long.Great work. Grimoire looks like my history teacher this semester. And supernatural’s bad-ass angel, castiel.

  40. O HAI says:

    YAY! They are making a NUMBER TWO!!!! OH YA!!!!!!

  41. beth says:

    hey i have found the people but i cant get past the bit when you’ve got every thing! what do you do next????

  42. Godot Armando says:

    I saw the banner mentioning Detective Grimoire 2. Squeee~! Seriously, I dunno why but this game grew on me when I got to the part where you do the eye contact thing, and also the “here’s what happened” type deal at the end. The music was upbeat and all that. 😀 It’d be nice, though, if we got some longer ending or something. I dunno. But hey I don’t think that’ll matter too much (as long as you keep the dancing chibi characters in the credits 😛 )

  43. ella says:

    thank you for dis game it helped me cos i was sad wen a family member died but playing this gamae took my mind of it
    from ella age 13

  44. hydrafin says:

    That game was AWSOME!! I cant wait intill the second one comes out!!!

  45. Sarah says:

    I really like this game and so do others so please make the second one!!!

  46. Jossalyn says:

    i abs loooved this gaame.; i couldn’t stop playing it!
    it was soo good.

  47. Dim says:

    sorry guys. we’re working on it but it takes a long time to make these. this one took five months.

  48. aly says:

    I was SO sure it was jerry… but he’s too nice.
    then i guessed the right one but i messed up the questions at the end and also it took me for EVER to find the murder weapon.
    but i beat it! and it rocks. plese hurry with the sequel.

  49. jackmaru says:

    Omg Best Crime Game EVER cant wait for part 2 (if there is gonna be one)