Zelda: Lampshade

February 22, 2009 by: Tom

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Made in under two weeks as a game to play whilst the epic Decline of Video Gaming 3 loads, it stands up as one of the best games we’ve made. Making a simple RPG engine was great fun, especially working out the trading cycle. All the backgrounds are tile-based in order to save time and let Dim get on with finishing off his movie. Since it was made so quickly, the coding is fairly messy in retrospect, but it holds together and works fine.

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35 Responses to “Zelda: Lampshade”
  1. danny says:

    this little game kicks ass!!!!!

  2. j says:

    Best Zelda game EVER

  3. Vale says:

    Was all good until I gave the vase to the kid at the well… He responded “Undefined” and the game froze.. I tried to remove the cartridge and blow on it, but then remembered this is a PC.

  4. Jax says:

    Love love LOVE this game. The ending kicks much more ass than any other.

  5. Gerber says:

    wth do i do with the shovel now?

  6. me says:

    Feng Shui…. what a waste of time. Although that didn’t stop me from beating it.

  7. Tisi says:

    So it seems the end is when you give the guy the vase and it freezes… 🙁

  8. Makin says:

    I completed it.

  9. TEM says:

    this is a awesome game! and yeah, so thats why McDonalds burgers taste so weird

  10. Phoenix says:

    i finished it, always wondered why mac ds was odd tasting….

  11. hekuchan says:

    bwhahahahaha!!!! The ending was classic *giggles* I think a sequel is in order!!!

  12. something says:

    this game kicks ass. you should realy check out this unbdefined thing. i think that if you dont talk to TJ (or JT)’s brother before and try to trade the vase, it crashes.

    anyways, great game, one of the greates trading sequences ive ever seen, and they make as much sense as the other zelda’s.

    That’s hylian for “sequel”

  13. ecko says:

    Hey it’s ecko from averuinui. I love the shout out 🙂

  14. TheZombieMan says:

    eh it was way better than wind waker

  15. danosaurus says:

    If you’re having problems with the vase at the well, you need to hit the space bar in front of the well before you give it to JT (the guy at the well).. It will say “A sinister looking well” or something along those lines.

  16. jediballerina007 says:

    This game was epic, bravo! Thanks for making it, and pleeease make a sequel!!!

  17. jake says:

    not bad

  18. Auron197 says:

    that game was awesome!

  19. Godot Armando says:


  20. Ano170 says:

    Haha lol!
    So that’s why they taste so funny…

  21. Patrick says:

    Great job Flash Bros.!

  22. H says:

    really good, except if you stand to the guy at the well’s left when you try to give him the vase, he can’t walk through you, so the game freezes. Otherwise its a great game.

  23. cedric says:

    kid stole mah vase ad all he could say was ‘ undefined”

  24. a6df says:

    Funny what burger is made of and what happened to the guard! LMAO

  25. 2die4 says:


  26. Melissa says:

    Awesome little Zelda short.

    Keep it up, we want an encore!

  27. NK says:

    Love that Final Fantasy XI (FFXI) is on the computers haha

  28. Kittyismaster says:

    Seems like a city in the Super Smash Bros. kinda thing

  29. I will eat you >:O says:

    you can climb and walk aroung the fin room 😀

  30. acissejcousi says:

    that was soo funny. im glad i played this only after watching all the declines.