Blue Rabbit’s Reelin’ Roundup

February 22, 2009 by: Tom

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This is pretty much a ‘hot/cold’ finding game, with some fishing action thrown in for good measure. The fishing line was actually the most complex part of this game to code, the final version being a simulation of about 30 light masses tied together with springy strings.

In the released version of the game, the water graphic is quite static. Dim had done an amazing looking water-ripple effect, but it was too intensive, so in the end we had to take it out, which is a big shame. Roll on Flash Player 10!

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5 Responses to “Blue Rabbit’s Reelin’ Roundup”
  1. Once again an excellent written post from you. Keep it up!

  2. petra says:

    ljudi hoce li mi netko rec kako se ovo igra??????????????????

  3. chicago cubs fan says:


  4. bobo says:

    ther game suks i dont no wat to do

  5. anounymus says:

    Pretty uber…That’s awesome the James the Zebra fish in the background!
    P.S.Who ever bobo is:either you can’t read or you suck balls….